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Best Trimmer and Shaver in Bangladesh

Are you getting ready for your presentation, job interview, or going on a date? I don’t have to say how important it is to look classy and decent here. In this competitive world, every single detail is important to set yourself apart from the crowd.

A perfect trimmer is all you need to keep your hair, beard, and mustache has in shape. It helps you to get a decent look and you feel more confident than ever. When it comes to running a salon, bringing the best one becomes more mandatory.

However, going to a salon for hair-shorting or shaving is not always possible. Besides, in this pandemic when everything got shut down, manual trimming becomes your last ray of hope. So, which one is the best trimmer and Shaver in Bangladesh ? are all the popular and reliable brands in Bangladesh. Here you will get a detailed guideline to choose the best pick.

Buy Best Trimmer and Shaver in Bangladesh at an Affordable Rate |

A Well-groomed and trimmed hair and beard have a lot to do with your outlook. And outlook matters a lot when it comes to presenting yourself in any event. However, it requires time, effort, and money to maintain all that. What comes in handy here is a branded trimmer.

You can get all the popular brand products like MI, Philips, Panasonic in our Asian sky shop bd.

Best Trimmer and Shaver price in Bangladesh 2021

The top Trimmer machine price in BD starts from 1600 BDT. Also here, in Asian sky shop bd, you can get the latest model at 3490 BDT.

Best massager List

Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi ENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair Cutter

1600 BDT

MI Beard trimmer

2599 BDT

Kemei km-1627 Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmers

2490 BDT

Kemei KM-838 Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Trimmer

2290 BDT

Kemei Personal Care Super Grooming Kit KM-500

KM-1990 Professional Turbocharged hair cutting machine

VGR Electric Hair Clipper Professional Hair Trimmer

Phillips Beard Trimmer

2690 BDT

2990 BDT


3490 BDT


Note: Price May Change At Any time Depends On International Supply, Demand & Currency!

What should you consider before choosing a trimmer?

Are you wanting a luscious beard? Or, you already have one but find it tough to handle. Aright, we have a guideline here to help you pick the best bet for achieving a well-groomed beard look.


Even after buying a trimmer, your bear and hair may still appear Unkept, untidy, and ungroomed. Also, the brand has a lot to do with durability. After lots of error and trial, we found Xiaomi, MI, Kemei, Philips are some of the most promising brands in this domain. All of these brands offer more or less high-end quality trimming experiences to their users. So, you can give a go to any of the aforesaid brands.


Both your face and skull are sensitive areas. Nothing to compromise with the safety. A trimmer with a stainless steel blade is the first thing to look for. If you want to purchase to do everything on your own, then a good grip is the next thing to observe.

Easy-grip will make your cutting more effective and prevent accidental slips. Lastly, you should notice whether the device is corded or cordless. If you have a good electricity facility and a multi plug or socket, then corded would be best for you. Here you will not face any issues with the You don't the battery life.

However, when you want to buy a cordless one, you should go with the one which offers long battery life. It would be a hands-on option for travelers.

Length options

The next thing you should consider is the cutting lengths. Do you want to trim and style your hair?  Then, buying a featured enriched model will be the best choice.

Dry or wet trimming

Here comes another important point. Some people like to trim before taking shower, whilst some prefer it after a shower. Most of the high-end devices accommodate both features. Still, you should check it out as every penny you invested matters the most! 


Last but not the least, your budget!  First off, investing in a trimmer could never be a waste of money unless you buy a scam product. It is equally important for your workplace and personal life.

Here, at Asian Sky Shop, we offer various products at a wide range of prices. You will find a budget-friendly one to a top-notch product in the same place. Without any second thought order, one and have a blast!  

Parting words

After buying a trimmer, a few basic things you should know to make it more effortless. Here they are :

It often becomes challenging for us to cut dripping wet hair or beard. So, it would be best for you to use a towel before processing. Also, when you use it on a wet surface, it gets rusty over time.

● Remember the first cut you made has another level of significance. For example, you wanted to prevent embarrassing slips. In this case, it would be wise for you to start with larger sections followed by shorter areas.

For a smoother experience, try to cut it against your hair growth.

If possible, use aftershave for the beard. It acts as a moisturizer and prevents unwanted irritation.

These are all. Well, we tried to provide every short detail worth your investment. Hopefully, you will be able to get your desired one without any hassle. if you still have any queries then you can ask via our customer service.