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Best MASSAGER in Bangladesh 

Massage is an age-old therapy to relieve anxiety, stress, and discomfort. It induces deep relaxation and tranquility in you. Also, it reduces your muscles tension and improved circulation. So, are you looking for the one to get rid of aches and pains? Fortunately, Asian sky shop bd brings back, shoulders, thighs, calves massager to provide the massage you need. We will also provide you with important information on how to purchase the best massager in Bangladesh.

Buy Best MASSAGER in Bangladesh at an Affordable Rate | 

Making your mind for purchase is quite difficult especially when the options are many out there. Cost, features, usability, and many more things may be spinning in your head now.

That’s why we are here.

We make a shortlist of different massage machines along with their prices to address your demand.

Here you go :

Best Massager price in Bd 2021

The top massager machine price in BD starts from 1490 BDT. Also here, in Asian sky shop bd, you can get the latest model at 179900 BDT.

Best massager List

Price in Bangladesh

Dolphin body massager


Double head handheld body massager


Far-infrared Kneading Foot massager


L-2S air pressure massager cushion


L-3S air pressure massager cushion

L-4S air pressure massager cushion



Benefits of different Massager

A body massager machine has been proved as an effective tool for your muscular health. This incredible device comes in many forms in the market to address the specific demand. You can get professional chiropractic-like service at home with this amazing device.

Now, let’s take some insight into the individual massager :

Massage Chair massager

Does it worth investing in? when should you get a massage chair?  Self-care is a part of your life. Owning a massage chair makes this process of self-care smoother and more effective than ever. If you want a neck to hip massage at a go, then this one is what you are searching for.

Plus, it can increase your focus and helps to solve difficult maths, making decisions and much more. That means you getting more than you paid. As per expenses are concerned, going to a spa or massage parlor for relaxation is way costlier.

Its vibration works deep into your muscle to soften the muscle spasm. On top of that, it balances your blood pressure, pulse rate, and metabolism. It makes you energetic and more vibrant.

These chairs are usually designed with airbags and massage rollers that relax different parts of your body. This gadget works by combining heating cycle, zero gravity positing, and deep tissue massage. So, there is no chance to go off to the track.

If you have any serious medical issues, avoid using this. You should take confirmation whether you should give it a go or not from the health provider for safe use.

However, you don't need to pressurize your eyes to find a reliable product from thousands of options. For your convenience, we make a shortlist of chairs (L-2s, L3s, L4s) available at the Asian sky shop bd in the above. Make a choice and bring vitality to your life.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Pillow massager

Have you often experienced stiffness in your neck? This is one of the commonest problems we face due to bad posture. Applying heating pads doesn’t work well every time. And if it goes untreated, then it will appear in its worst form -intolerable discomfort. Thankfully, pillow massagers are a hands-on device to give you instant neck pain relief.

This model is usually lightweight and compact. So, you can carry it during the journey too. Pillow massagers are a versatile device. They comprise intensity mode, speed controller, Heat, automatic shut-off, and memory options.

You can adjust the intensity and speed mode as per the severity of your pain. The memory settings can recall the intensity and speed you usually set. So, it’s a good option for chronic pain users. You just turn on the pillow and it becomes ready to give you your desired massage.

Some muscle stiffness requires heat compression. These gadgets are designed to provide steady warmth to the affected area. But, not all the pillow comprises all these amazing features. Hopefully, you get to know which feature you must have and which one will be nice to have. So, shop it accordingly.

Foot massager

After a long tiring day, your foot tends to ache or swell more compared to other body parts.

It occurs as your feet carry your entire weight. The bitter truth is you hardly have any budget plan for this part of your body. This time when you are about to purchase a massager, then why not invest in a foot massager!

It will keep your feet flexible and strong. Thus you can get up every morning with zero aches and more strength. It is more like to be indicative for senior citizens, diabetes patients, Arthritis patients, traffic police, or people of similar professions (long-standing workers). You can try out our Far-infrared Kneading Foot massager for a spa-worthy experience.

Warranties About Asian sky shops Massagers' 

Any of the massager machines you buy is going to be used frequently. So, make sure that you buy a durable one with a manufacturer warranty. Your hard-earned money should not be wasted in vain. The product that comes with a longer warranty should remain high on your priority list.