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Best Exercise Bike Price in Bangladesh in 2022

Riding on an exercising bike is the most effective way to shed fats while strengthening your vital parts i.g heart, lungs, and muscles. Lower belly fat is considered the most stubborn fat in our body as it is the last fat to go away. The best thing is this stationary bike workout helps you get rid of it in a short period. This exercise equipment also refines your legs and thighs without hurting the joints. So, are you on the look for buying one? But in a dilemma on where to get the authentic ones at an affordable rate, right?

Don’t worry! You have chosen the right place to knock in. Asian Sky Shop (BD), one of the leading online stores, offers you a market competitive lower exercise bike price in bd. We assure you to provide the same product as described on the website. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Best exercise bike price in Bangladesh | Buy exercise bike at an affordable price at Asian sky shop bd com

Well, as the options are so many, you may get confused about what to look for while choosing any. To take you out of this hassle, we have shortlisted some common but must look feature below :

Features to look for

Flywheel: This feature gives you a realistic riding feeling. The manufacturer wisely leaves the rotating flywheel open so that you can experience so.

Body Position: While choosing the exercising bike, it is a very important thing to check. For an indoor model, you should bring one which has close proximity between the seat and handlebar. It will give you a position similar to the road or mountain bike.

Pedals: Another important thing that gives you a realistic feeling of outdoor biking is the pedals. Most of the bikes of our shop come with dual-sided pedals. So, you can fasten your speed without any safety issues. Using tight toe straps or clips available at the market for cycling shoes will add extra comfort. By stroking the pedals you can strengthen your hamstring muscle. Physical attachment with the pedals lets you transfer power via feet and you get a good workout vibe.

Resistance: While scrolling you may have noticed some of the bike names include magnetic. Well, what does it mean? What extras it will provide, right? Simply, they indicate that it will create resistance with the help of magnets. It helps you to increase muscle mass. You can empower more resistance by moving the magnet closer to the wheel and thereby creating drag.

Workout plans at a different stage

A workout plan works as a layout to shape your day in a way that you could meet your fitness goal faster than ever. Here we have shared some simplest and effective plans to make your workout journey more satisfying.

For beginners

Daily 25-30 minutes riding is enough to burn extra calories as a beginner. Afterward, you can add more time as well as intensity. For instance,

You can start paddling the bike at a low intensity for 5-10 minutes.

Then, you can switch to medium intensity. Here, it would be great if you divide the time into small slots. Like, high intensity for 1-2 minutes then shift to medium intensity for 5 minutes. Again, spends 1-2 minutes on high intensity followed by medium intensity for 5 minutes.

The finishing part should last not more than 5 minutes.

For weight loss

Here, you have to start with low-intensity pedaling for 5-10 minutes. Then, shift it to 3-5 minutes. Keep shifting it between high to medium intensity for the next 20-30 minutes. End up the session with low intensity for 5-10 minutes.

When you are able to cut down the fats, you should focus on boosting up your strength.

Interval plan

In this session, you should start off at a low intensity for 10 minutes. Later, you need to divide the 10 minutes into 5 slots. For example, do high-intensity pedaling for 2 minutes, low intensity for 2 minutes, and repeat this manner until 10 minutes. Lastly, end up your session with low intensity for 5-10 minutes.

Safety tips

Indoor riding is said to be safer than biking outside on the road. Still, there are some safety issues you should be aware of.

Commonly, people develop muscle fatigue. Some people get injured y falling off the bike. Balance is an important factor here. If you are unable to maintain it, you could fall off the bike or injure yourself if you don’t balance yourself correctly.

Here are a few tips that can make your workout safer than ever :

You need to have a basic idea about the correct posture. It would be great if you take help from a trainer initially.

Don’t do pedaling at a stretch. Instead, give yourself some break to recover. This will prevent you from developing pain.

If you are just a starter, you should commence with the beginner plan and shift with the progress. Don’t exert yourself beyond your capacity.

Still, if you see any negative changes in your body, must see a doctor.


Are 30 minutes of biking a day enough?

If you have checked out the workout plan, all of them last for 25-30 minutes. So, yes! Daily doing 30 minutes of riding keep your cardiovascular and muscular system in check. It supports your weight loss and overall physical fitness.

Can exercise bikes reduce belly fat?

According to a study, indoor cycling is considered the most effective and efficient way to burn calories. The most difficult fats to shed off is the lower belly fats. It is the last fat that goes away during weight loss. With this aerobic workout, you can get rid of it more quickly compared to other workouts.